About us


Factory Smela Wood is a perspective enterprise in the field of woodworking of Ukraine.  High qualified specialists with unique knowledge and skills in working with valuable wood are a guarantee of high quality service for our clients.

Our products have already become known in many factories in Europe and are used for the production of parquet, parquet boards, interior and exterior decoration elements.

Wood lamella from SmelaWood is a high-quality  lamella, which is elaborated from valuable oak.

Thickness can range from 3 up to 5,2 mm, (or other thickness according to the order), thickness 3 mm, length up to 3 000 mm and more, width from 95 mm and more.


The technology of the production of planed oak lamella allows to get finished products with the highest quality and at the same time it keeps natural physical properties, color, beautiful texture of wood.

We work closely with the forestry in Cherkasy region of Ukraine, we actively take part  in the selection of valuable breeds for the production of high-quality products for our customers.