sortA oak lamella production 1 Grade (A / Prime) Black sound knots up to 10 mm  are allowed, small black knots up to 3 mm are allowed
sortA oak lamella production 2 Grade(B / Nature) wood with slight change of color,  sound knots up to 30 mm, dark (dropped out) knots and holes up to 10 mm
sortA oak lamella production 3 Grade (C / Rustic-A) sound knots up to 70 mm, black knots up to 40 mm, holes and dropped out knots up to 20mm, heart core is allowed and also cracks up to 200mm are also allowed. The  change color could be, grown bark up to 50 mm
4 Grade (D / Rustic- B) sound knots up to 90mm, black knots up to 60mm, holes and dropped out knots up to 40mm, heart core is allowed along the whole length. Сracks which do not destroy the lamella’s structure. Strong change color and grown bark without rot are allowed



European Oak
Botanic name: Quercus petraea (MATT) LIEBL – Quercus robur L.
Place of the origin: Eastern Europeoak_lamella_production_urkaine.jpg
Color: from yellow brown to golden yellow
The direction of fibre: straight, sometime with deviations

Stability: medium high
Specific weight: 0,55 – 0,97 g / cm3
Brinell Scale: 3,40 kg / mm2