Length: 300 – 2800 mm
Width: 95- 300 mm
Thickness: 12-20 mm
Surface: sanding 120 grit
Lock: Non-profiled parquet boards without a lock, no tongue and groove cutting.

Drying: Kiln dry (KD)  8%
Grades: ABCD, Rustic A/B/C, Bespoke
Custom sizes

Structurally parquet three-layer composed of three of selection  solid wood, connected to each other a special strong D4 adhesive by Akzo Nobel company.


Front layer — oak lamella 4-6 mm
Core layer — birch or pine lath 12 mm
The base layer is birch veneer 1.0 mm.

Three layers floorboards of the engineered parquet floors provide a double
guarantee of stability.
The visible top layers and the substrate are both in the same valuable 4mm thick wood species, in between is the core.