Interior Oak engineered doorsInterior Oak doors

Length: 2100 mm
Width: 670, 770, 870, 970 mm
Thickness: 40 mm
Surface: sanding 120 grit and 2 layers of oil-wax finish American Wood Oil Natural Led Oil
Excluded: door handle, lock, hinges
Direction of rotation: left – right (BIN-norm)
Grades: ABCD, Rustic A/B/C, Select, Rustic,Country, Antique, Bespoke
Custome sizes
Glue: all layers connected to each other a special stronge D4 adhesive by Akzo Nobel company

Interior Oak doors engineered construction provides a durable and solid feel. We make oak Interior wooden doors – is a five-layer structure consisting of:

40 mm
Front layer – 4 mm lamella on both sides
Inner layer – birch or pine 3 ply solid wood panel

Oak engineered doors
Oak engineered doors
Oak engineered doors

Oak engineered doors
Door frame